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PTA Board 2017-2018



Mark Twain Elementary  2017 – 2018

PTA Board and Chairpersons


President: Meghan Bozeman


Vice President (executive): Maria Gamboa 


Vice President Fundraising: Andrea Garcia


Vice President Membership: Ofelia Velazco & Vivian Gomez 


Treasurer: Maria Christenson 


Secretary: Mariela Iraheta 


Historian: Cynthia Nava 


Community Liaison: Mayra Chavez 


Teacher Liaison: Wendy Gonzalez  


Fundraising Chair: Kris Wilkins & Wendy Gonzalez  


Red Ribbon week Chair: Aubrey Kiley  


Teacher Appreciation Committee: Meghan Bozeman, Andrea Garcia & maria Gamboa 


Silent Auction Chair: Andrea Garcia & Maria Gamboa


Trick or Treat Chair: Dana Russomano & Wendy Gonzalez  


Honorary Service Award Chairperson: PTA Board


Mileage Club Committe:   


Box Tops Chairperson: Maria Gamboa


Book Fair Chairpersons:  Valerie Casas and Cara Chow


Canned Food Drive Chairperson: PTA Board 


Nominating Committee Chairperson: Maria Christenson


Newsletter: Principal 


Year Book Chairpersons:  Cheryl Akagi & Valerie Casas 


Carnival Chairperson: PTA Board


Jog-a-thon Chairperson: Luisa Mendoza


Garden Committee: Cheryl Akagi, Maria Madrigal, Wendy Gonzalez, Maria Christenson


Teacher Appreciation: Sandy Mullins 


Spirit Sticks: Valerie Casas




PTA Teacher Committee: Mrs. Gibson, Sra. Grimm and Mrs. Gonzalez


Volunteer Lunch Appreciation: PTA Board  


PTA T-shirts: Sonia Munguia & Gloria Rivas



PTA memberships are only $8.00 per member. Membership and fundraising funds benefit Twain students. Thank you for your support.
Make a difference for our school with Box Tops! Simply clip the Box Tops coupons from your favorite products and send them to our school with your child.

Miembresias del PTA son solo $8.00 por miembro. Los fondos de afiliación y recaudación beneficiará a los estudiantes de Mark Twain. Gracias por su apoyo.
Usted puede hacer una diferencia para nuestra escuela con Tapas de Cajas. Corte Tapas de Caja de sus favoritos productos y entréguelos a la escuela con su hijo/a.